September 19th, 2018

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If you came here looking for trakr, sorry, trakr has been discontinued as of September 2018

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June 18th, 2022

  • What's your favorite language?
    • I'm a strong believer in "the right tool for the job," though when programming for the web I think Ruby on Rails is my favorite, mostly due to the semantic sugar of active_support. I also have a strong fondness for Python, which does a great job at being practically universally available, sane, and fast (for most tasks). I have recently started working on Node (and in fact this website was rebuilt using npm/Node recently).

      My educational and professional background also includes Java, Rails, and Go to an extent.

      In my spare time you can find me hacking away in JavaScript (jQuery, NodeJS), and Python (Django).
  • What's your favorite flavor of Linux?
    • Again, the right tool for the job. That being said, my favorite is Debian. The variety of packages available, the existence of backports, and the sanity with which they put together the structure of packages is what's sold me.

      I also have a strong understanding/expertise in Amazon Linux/CentOS (and RHEL in a previous life), but my heart is still with Debian, and this is what I use for all personal projects.
  • In what context should I contact you / how can I reach you?
    • My preferred way of connecting is through LinkedIn; please see the account at the top right corner of this website to send me an invitation. For anything else you can reach me via email. If you've somehow gotten my number, do not call me unless you are on fire and I am the only person who can put you out.
  • Why this site?
    • The original idea of this site (back in 2012) was to create a simple CMS and blog front-end, partially as an exercise to become more familiar with Python/Django, and partially to build myself a soapbox.

      There are also other websites that I use to various ends: look to the links above to see my LinkedIn (includes a more complete work history, as well as my publications), or go to the hobbies section.

      Since it's inception, I've moved from Python/Django to Ruby on Rails, back to Python/Django, and I'm now onto NodeJS.


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